Darts Atlas

Darts Atlas is the easiest way to...

Play a match
  • Play online or in-person
  • Singles and doubles
  • 501 and cricket
  • Single-player 501 countdown
  • Multi-player JDC Academy training routine
  • 2-player tic-tac-toe
Manage a league
  • Premier League-style season of matches
  • Pro Tour-style season of tournaments
  • Registration management, schedule generation, match reporting, leaderboard updates, stats tracking
Run a tournament
  • Single- and double-elimination
  • Registration management
  • Automated bracket generation and match assignments
  • Blind-draw random team generation

Features and Pricing:

  • In-person and online matchplay
  • Tournament and league participation
  • Single- and multi-player training games
  • Recent match and stats history
  • Friends list for sending match invitations
Premium ($25/year)Coming soon!
  • Full match and trainer history
  • Checkout tracking
  • Advanced streaming/broadcasting tools
  • Tournament Management
  • Season Management
  • Player Payment Collection (for eligible organizations)